Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living Love Mum With who else but Ms Love Mum herself!

Well two years ago I had a business that helped mums that were struggling to keep up with being a perfect mum and I was one of those mums who seriously struggled with post-natal depression I wanted to assit these mums feel like they don't need to be perfect and help them get out of their rutts! Trouble was I was in a marriage and was experiencing domestic voilence of the struggle became my own. After losing sight I came to developing a range of Products (The Breastfeeding Bag) based on my frustion of what I wish I had of used when I was with newborn babies. My business idea Love Mum was on the back burner for sometime while i struggled to get through my marriage and my business.
I decided to end my business and start a new life!
Now with a beautiful new supportive partner I was able to make the dream of Love Mum come alive! with beautiful Designers that are designed by mums themselfs!
I have a passion now for making hairclips and tutu's and I am also releasing a range of lil girls jewellery. and also hope to add some toys.
Love Mum is about what mums want, mums love and how we have passion for our families!
My four beautiful children are my life and yes I am a crazy woman my partner has 5 beautiful kids who I love with all my heart!
well thats Love Mum... I hope you enjoy the Love Mum experience because i love looking after all my customers! and I can assure you will get better service than most retail outlets and maybe a voucher or a freebie from time to time lol
Thanks for letting me tell you my Story
Jodie - Ms Love Mum

Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Mum Hair Clips

Love Mum hairclips are selling like crazy! (pictured above on Molly-Rose) we currently have a hug sale of two sets of hairclips for $5.00 and that includes postage! get ready for christmas with some fantastic stocking stuffers! or even school friend gifts! or even small gifts for family friend little girls! the photo's on the site do the clips no justice just trust us we are selling heps! because many are coming back over and over again because of the value for money!
hurry online now!
Also thankyou to Tanya of for sending us the pics of Molly- Rose!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whats Happening at Love Mum!

Well I have been a bit low key lately and its because of family issues I have been dealing with but now I am back to my over hyper self again I can be excited by this weeks sale!

2 sets of hairclips for $5.00 includes postage! what a great deal!
jump into love mum now because these hairclips make great stocking fillers or gifts to siblings that won't break the budget or even school friend gifts!

enjoy the love mum christmas experience because we promise there will be a few surprises in store for you!

Jodie xxxx

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preparing for christmas!

When do you start to prepare for christmas? well in this household I have started a few months ago! each fortnight I would buy something more!

Some tips on how to deal with the christmas spead this christmas!
* Set a budget per child it will help with planning on what to buy.
* look online to buy you never know when there will be a % off or free post or even packs that will help you save some dollars.
* If you can layby do it now and pay it off! its like a interest free loan.
* Look for quality items that will last so you maybe able to pass from child to child.
* Research and make sure your getting value for money!
* enjoy your shopping!

Love Mum is starting its own Layby with $5 deposit starting next week. pay off weekly fortnightly or monthly and get your items for christmas!

Look out for our layby off from next week!

Love Mum will also introduce its christmas packs so be sure to get in quick we are sure they won't last long!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ms Love Mum's Hot Weekly Products!

TatyourTot has proudly allowed us to stock their funky range of tattoos! and we love them so much! Personalise your children's tattoo's with your details so when you get caught out and about you can have piece of mind knowing their is a way your little one can be found! quickly and without all the drama! I love this design as its my favourite!
If you would like to get some of your own Tats then pop over to the Love Mum website to look at the great range from tatyourtot. Personalised tats start from $15.00 for a pack of 8 and write on tats are 10 for $10.00.Our Love Mum hairclips are going out the window at their hot price starting from $3.00 including postage! Look at our wonderful Customers Daughter in her hairclips! Thanks Kay Z looks lovely!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Managed to Interview the Lovely Sarah Mc Cabe From Lila & May the creator of the snugglepod we stock at Love Mum!

Name: Sarah McCabe
Business: Lila & May
Myself, my fiance Cam and our daughters Emilia (almost 4)and Marley (almost 2)
How long have you been in business?
I started creating for my daughter and gifts for family & friends about 4 years ago, Overtime
through word-of-mouth, I started getting more and more custom orders.
It's only been the last 6 months that I decided to turn my hobby into a business and thats how Lila & May Emerged!
Why did you decide to start designing your range?
I became a stay at home mum when Emilia was born and needed a creative outlet!
I wanted to spend my time (and money) creating things that were going to be unique and practical for my daughter so I enrolled into sewing lessons. There I learnt the basics of sewing and because I wasn't really interested in regular sewing patterns, I took it upon myself to teach myself at home , designing craft paper patterns for products such as little girls tote bags, womens beach bags, bibs & soft baby shoes.
What was your inspiration?
In the beginning it was Emilia, I wanted to create for her clothing and products that were different to those that are stocked in mass produced stores. (I've always had a love for lovingly handmade) Then, as I become more acquainted with beautiful printed fabric....those!
Who are your mentors in business?
Other WAHM's! I learnt so much from site such as Skout & C2M's.
I absolutely love networking and friendships that have become part of what is being a mum in business!
Whats your fav product in your range and why?
I have two! The little girls tote bags because they are so cute! They're made with bright designer fabric covered with clear PVC. So they are strong and easily wiped clean. All little girls love them! I also love the snuggle pods, they're so beautiful especially with having a little bubba wrapped up in them! They're easy to use, they work well, they look great and make the perfect gift and thats what Lila & May is all about!
Tell us where your business name came from?
Lila & May was derived from the names of our daughters Emilia & Marley and my sister Amy.
Three people who are very near and dear to my heart!
What are your long term goals for your brand?
For now I am happy for Lila & May to grow steadily as it is, I'm working at my pace around my family (well trying to!) In the Long term when our girls are older and at school, I would love for Lila & May to be in Bricks & Mortar Stores and maybe even have one of my own!
Whats next for your business? Any new products or is it a Shh! wait and see?
I have a new product coming really soon but its a Shh! wait and see one!
I am very excited about it! I designed it to be very practical and functional for little ones and mums will love it too! because like all our products, Its easy to use and available in the most fabulous fabric designs!
On Love Mum what is your fav product other than your own?
The Collection of products makes it very hard to chose but I have to say I Love the Stawberry Jam Cushions!
To Up & Coming designers and business mums what would be your best advice to them?
To become a member of online communities like Skout & C2M's! They're full of resources and loads of honest advice with advice from real mums in business just like yourself!
Will Our customers be able to meet you at The Baby Show!
Absolutely! I cann't wait!
(Sarah will be at the baby show on Sat & Sun)
We Enjoyed Interviewing Sarah from Lila & May!
I know I am proud to have such a wonderful range on my site and I am excited for the future of Lila & May with Love Mum!
Kind Regards to All!
Jodie Quinlan
(Living Love Mum)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Mum Rock Chic Tutu's Are here!

Here they are the Tutu's that are custom made to fit your little girl!

Sold at Love Mum for $29.95

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coming Soon to Love Mum

We are soon bringing you hair ribbions for little girls and the exciting news is we are offering free postage on these items.

Also so exciting Love Mum Designs is bringing out tutu's for little girls! Why well my little 5 year old wanted a tutu and I honestly couldn't find one that was within a decent price range so what have I done! made my own and going to sell it at a affordable price everyone can afford!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Launch Tomorrow & giving you 10% Off Storewide as well as a chance to win fantastic pool of prizes!

Join Our Newsletter to Win These fantastic Prizes!

Bibs are from Flobib these bibs are made of designer material with recycled cotton chenille. Keep your toddler dry longer valued at $24.95 each!

This gorgeous outfit is made by Noo Designs and you can pick a wide variety of cute animal and bug outfits made here in Australia you can buy a Noo Outfit from our online shop at valued at $49.95 each outfit.

Lila & May Snuggle pod perfect for the newborn bub lovely fabrics! valued at $55.00 buy one at

The Snigglebottom family is a strange creature your little ones will love it's made by a business called
Little Diva here in Australia valued at $39.95 buy one at

The Love Mum Designs Breastfeeding Cover- Up is perfect for breastfeeding mums on the go so you won't expose yourself in public while feeding your bub. comes in four colours and is valued at $39.95each buy one at Love Mum

Lastly 10% off Storewide until Saturday 18th July 2009 just enter FAN in the checkout to redeem!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Sneak Peek Into the World of Love Mum!

Welcome to the sneak peek into the world of Love Mum, Love Mum has been a labour of Love for the past two years not sure whether or not to actually go through with this dream business!
But it's almost here and the 15th July 2009 couldn't come any sooner, Uploading some of the most beautiful products we have sorced Australia wide to find the perfect products mums will love! As Well as having Our own signature range and we cann't wait to see what you think.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Love Mum Website Update!

We Apoligise for the delay on our launch but when we are up we promise you won't regret coming and seeing our site. Making it a beautiful and efficent site takes time and also sorcing brands that we know you will love also takes time so we promise we are only about another week off! So please follow our blog for a exculsive update on the day
goes offically live!
Also we would like to invite you to join the sale alert at and look out for us in the alert for a Mums Grapevine Exculsive Offer which is only available if you are a subscriber to this alert! our offer will be out on the 15th July so look out for that one!
We are sure you are going to love it bacause you will never see a offer that like that offered very often with Love Mum.

For now Take care


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Introducting The Breastfeeding Cover- Up

RRP $39.95

The breastfeeding Cover Up is perfect for public feeding out and about, it's a one size fits all for a woman of all shapes and sizes! it features duel pockets made of absorbant material that you can wipe your babies mouth on. and the neckline is boned to make easy viewing for mum and bub. The Straps are made of a satin material that offers comfort and also the strap is ajustable.

Colours Available: Pink, Blue, Latte & Black

Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing The Breastfeeding Bag!

The Breastfeeding Bag
RRP $99.95

The Breastfeeding Bag is the first release to the Love Mum Range.

This Bag is Stylish for the Breastfeeding Mum who gets out and about to feed in comfort!
The Bag features detachable straps, a pocket for your phone, a breastfeeding burp pad/newborn change mat.

When your breastfeeding days are done remove the pillow and off you go with the stylish bag!


Hello My Name is Jodie the owner and designer of
I am also a mum of 4 children which keep me really busy between the two. I also have partner and his name is Ian and he has 5 children of his own.
I spend my days looking after my children and running my business and along the way I try to find balance in my life being a work at home mum and being a regular mum.
Enjoy my blog I will bring you information about new love mum designs as well as new ranges that we bring in and also since I am a total shopping addict I will show you some funky products that I'm sure you will love!

for now takecare and Blog soon!