Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living Love Mum With who else but Ms Love Mum herself!

Well two years ago I had a business that helped mums that were struggling to keep up with being a perfect mum and I was one of those mums who seriously struggled with post-natal depression I wanted to assit these mums feel like they don't need to be perfect and help them get out of their rutts! Trouble was I was in a marriage and was experiencing domestic voilence of the struggle became my own. After losing sight I came to developing a range of Products (The Breastfeeding Bag) based on my frustion of what I wish I had of used when I was with newborn babies. My business idea Love Mum was on the back burner for sometime while i struggled to get through my marriage and my business.
I decided to end my business and start a new life!
Now with a beautiful new supportive partner I was able to make the dream of Love Mum come alive! with beautiful Designers that are designed by mums themselfs!
I have a passion now for making hairclips and tutu's and I am also releasing a range of lil girls jewellery. and also hope to add some toys.
Love Mum is about what mums want, mums love and how we have passion for our families!
My four beautiful children are my life and yes I am a crazy woman my partner has 5 beautiful kids who I love with all my heart!
well thats Love Mum... I hope you enjoy the Love Mum experience because i love looking after all my customers! and I can assure you will get better service than most retail outlets and maybe a voucher or a freebie from time to time lol
Thanks for letting me tell you my Story
Jodie - Ms Love Mum


  1. Jodie I just wanted to send my Congrats to you. You have overcome so much and I just wanted you to know I am proud of you! xx
    Best of Luck with the new business.
    Fiona Dixon

  2. Keep going babe no matter what you will get there. You have a good heart dont let people get to you. From Tracy Salmon in the towers north QLD