Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preparing for christmas!

When do you start to prepare for christmas? well in this household I have started a few months ago! each fortnight I would buy something more!

Some tips on how to deal with the christmas spead this christmas!
* Set a budget per child it will help with planning on what to buy.
* look online to buy you never know when there will be a % off or free post or even packs that will help you save some dollars.
* If you can layby do it now and pay it off! its like a interest free loan.
* Look for quality items that will last so you maybe able to pass from child to child.
* Research and make sure your getting value for money!
* enjoy your shopping!

Love Mum is starting its own Layby with $5 deposit starting next week. pay off weekly fortnightly or monthly and get your items for christmas!

Look out for our layby off from next week!

Love Mum will also introduce its christmas packs so be sure to get in quick we are sure they won't last long!


  1. OMG! I wrote my newsletter the other day and wrote about super organised christmas shoppers like you! You go girl!! Cannot believe it is almost christmas! xx