Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Managed to Interview the Lovely Sarah Mc Cabe From Lila & May the creator of the snugglepod we stock at Love Mum!

Name: Sarah McCabe
Business: Lila & May
Myself, my fiance Cam and our daughters Emilia (almost 4)and Marley (almost 2)
How long have you been in business?
I started creating for my daughter and gifts for family & friends about 4 years ago, Overtime
through word-of-mouth, I started getting more and more custom orders.
It's only been the last 6 months that I decided to turn my hobby into a business and thats how Lila & May Emerged!
Why did you decide to start designing your range?
I became a stay at home mum when Emilia was born and needed a creative outlet!
I wanted to spend my time (and money) creating things that were going to be unique and practical for my daughter so I enrolled into sewing lessons. There I learnt the basics of sewing and because I wasn't really interested in regular sewing patterns, I took it upon myself to teach myself at home , designing craft paper patterns for products such as little girls tote bags, womens beach bags, bibs & soft baby shoes.
What was your inspiration?
In the beginning it was Emilia, I wanted to create for her clothing and products that were different to those that are stocked in mass produced stores. (I've always had a love for lovingly handmade) Then, as I become more acquainted with beautiful printed fabric....those!
Who are your mentors in business?
Other WAHM's! I learnt so much from site such as Skout & C2M's.
I absolutely love networking and friendships that have become part of what is being a mum in business!
Whats your fav product in your range and why?
I have two! The little girls tote bags because they are so cute! They're made with bright designer fabric covered with clear PVC. So they are strong and easily wiped clean. All little girls love them! I also love the snuggle pods, they're so beautiful especially with having a little bubba wrapped up in them! They're easy to use, they work well, they look great and make the perfect gift and thats what Lila & May is all about!
Tell us where your business name came from?
Lila & May was derived from the names of our daughters Emilia & Marley and my sister Amy.
Three people who are very near and dear to my heart!
What are your long term goals for your brand?
For now I am happy for Lila & May to grow steadily as it is, I'm working at my pace around my family (well trying to!) In the Long term when our girls are older and at school, I would love for Lila & May to be in Bricks & Mortar Stores and maybe even have one of my own!
Whats next for your business? Any new products or is it a Shh! wait and see?
I have a new product coming really soon but its a Shh! wait and see one!
I am very excited about it! I designed it to be very practical and functional for little ones and mums will love it too! because like all our products, Its easy to use and available in the most fabulous fabric designs!
On Love Mum what is your fav product other than your own?
The Collection of products makes it very hard to chose but I have to say I Love the Stawberry Jam Cushions!
To Up & Coming designers and business mums what would be your best advice to them?
To become a member of online communities like Skout & C2M's! They're full of resources and loads of honest advice with advice from real mums in business just like yourself!
Will Our customers be able to meet you at The Baby Show!
Absolutely! I cann't wait!
(Sarah will be at the baby show on Sat & Sun)
We Enjoyed Interviewing Sarah from Lila & May!
I know I am proud to have such a wonderful range on my site and I am excited for the future of Lila & May with Love Mum!
Kind Regards to All!
Jodie Quinlan
(Living Love Mum)


  1. Hi - what a great story! Could you post a link to Skout and C2M's please?