Monday, July 6, 2009

Love Mum Website Update!

We Apoligise for the delay on our launch but when we are up we promise you won't regret coming and seeing our site. Making it a beautiful and efficent site takes time and also sorcing brands that we know you will love also takes time so we promise we are only about another week off! So please follow our blog for a exculsive update on the day
goes offically live!
Also we would like to invite you to join the sale alert at and look out for us in the alert for a Mums Grapevine Exculsive Offer which is only available if you are a subscriber to this alert! our offer will be out on the 15th July so look out for that one!
We are sure you are going to love it bacause you will never see a offer that like that offered very often with Love Mum.

For now Take care


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  1. I must mention that mums grapevine sales alert has been delayed by a week so please still join its a great sales alert!